Emirates pilot salary information

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Last update : 12 Sep 2022

Currency : UAE dirham ( AED )

Salary overview

FO Estimated earnings
( based on 85 hours/month )
Basic salary + flying pay: AED 30,826 (approx. USD 8,393)/month

Variable pay

Productivity pay ( for each block hour above monthly target )
AED 515 (~ USD 140)


Roster Pattern Full monthly roster with minimum 8 days off
Average Annual Hours 800 - 900
  • 24-hour operation
  • Mix of turnarounds, long haul and ultra long haul
  • Trips are single or multi sector and can be 1-9 days in duration
  • Layover periods are generally 24-48 hours
  • Days off are in Dubai


42 calendar days

Staff travel

Economy / Business class
ID50 firm tickets for you and your family from joining
ID90 ticket eligibility three months after joining


Options per month
  • Company Provided Accommodation with Utilities
  • or
  • Accommodation Allowance of AED 15,500 per month (~ USD 4,220)


Allowance for Dubai or overseas education
Primary school: Up to AED 42,750. The company reimburses up to AED 21,375, then 90% of the balance per academic year.

Secondary school: Up to AED 65,250. The company reimburses up to AED 32,625 then 90% of the balance per academic year.

Provided for families with up to 3 children aged 4-19 (all numbers are per year / per child and are subject to benefits policy)

Extra benefits

Additional Benefits
  • Cargo allowance for initial relocation to Duba├»
  • Provident Fund or End of Service Benefits
  • Pick up and drop off to and from duty (from your home in Dubai to the airport)
  • Platinum discount card (significant discounts across leisure, retail and service providers)
  • Eligibility for an annual profit share
  • Company uniform & dry cleaning in Dubai
Additional coverage
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Loss of licence insurance

Assessment process

Stage 1 Remote, short HireVue video interview, Psychometrics, Abstract Reasoning testing and a live Panel Interview
Stage 2 In Dubai for 2 days, simulator assessments, Advanced Compass and Emirates medicals

Hiring tc

Probation period Six months from date of joining
Training bond 42,000 USD for FOs and captains for 42 months

Recruitment contact

Website :
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